300 School Children Saw Gray UFO Chased By 5 Military Aircraft In Australia 54 Years Ago

On April 6, 1966, around 300 students of the Westall School in Australia observed an incomprehensible object of a mysterious shape in the sky, which was unsuccessfully pursued by 5 military aircraft.

The key witness to the April 1966 events was Andrew Greenwood, a high school teacher in Melbourne, Australia. He was the only adult who saw the UFO and was not afraid to report it.

westall ufo incident
Sketch images by Les Whitmore, from Shane Ryan’s Westall ‘66 docufilm/ Image credit: The Conversation

The eyewitness told about the strange details of the first mass meeting of humanity and aliens and the subsequent panic of the authorities. According to him, that day, everything was normal: some students were in the classrooms, others went in for sports in the schoolyard. Suddenly, from nowhere, a strange saucer-like object appeared over the school and hovered over the building. Several teachers and about 300 school children eyewitnessed it.

westall ufo incident
The Dandenong Journal, April 1966

Greenwood said that the object was gray in color and 2/3 the length of a small two-seater Cessna aircraft. The shape of the object was difficult to determine, but it resembled a plate with a bulge in the middle. The trajectory of the UFO was chaotic, and its speed was significantly ahead of all known aircraft.

westall ufo incident
The Dandenong Journal

Greenwood added that no one on the street saw a UFO approaching until it closed the distance. The object was constantly rising and falling, sometimes moving slowly, and sometimes it seemed that it was literally hovering or moving very quickly.

westall ufo incident
Richard Wilson has investigated the 1966 UFO sighting at Grange Park in Clayton.

All the time, the unidentified object was pursued by 5 military aircraft, which unsuccessfully tried to overtake it.

The UFO had been hovering in the air for about 25 minutes, and then suddenly disappeared.

The incident attracted a lot of attention from the local media, all the journalists tried to cover the event in detail.

westall ufo incident
Westall ufo incident 1966

Some spoke with fear of an alien invasion, while skeptics scoffed at the weather balloon. It was the first biggest mass meeting with aliens.

There were many allegations at the time that the government was trying to get people to stop talking about the invasion. A number of eyewitnesses stated that they were visited by several men in black suits and ordered to remain silent.

westall ufo incident
Witnesses Suzanne Savage, Kevin Hurley, Paul Smith, Joy Clarke and Marilyn Smith/ Image credit: Herald Sun

The authorities tried every possible way to assure the residents that it was just an airplane, but they could not fool the eyewitnesses, because the Australian Air Force also reported that there was no military action in the zone at that time, and outwardly the UFO was extremely different from terrestrial technology.


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