British Government Will Release Secret Dossier Of 1990 Alien Encounter In 2072

British Ministry of Defence (MOD) has blocked the planned release of a secret dossier detailing the famous UFO incident that happened in the village of Calvine in the Scottish Highlands in 1990.

Calvine UFO sighting is considered to be one of the most controversial UFO mysteries in the history of Britain.

It is claimed that the dossier contains the secret of a 100-feet UFO hovering over the Scottish village in 1990.

Calvine UFO sighting in 1990
Calvine UFO sighting in 1990

Back in August 1990, two tourists were walking in the Scottish Highlands near Calvin, Pitlochry. Suddenly, they witnessed a strange rhombic object hovering over the nearby landscape.

They managed to take pictures of the UFO before it flew away at a significant speed. The couple took 6 photographs of the UFO, chased by several military jets, and one was captured in the camera.

Calvine UFO sighting in 1990
The site where UFO was spotted in 1990 in Scottish highlands/ Image credit: The Sun

Being eager to share what they had seen, the couple contacted the Scottish Daily Record and gave away both their story and the photos they took.

Then, the journalists shared the negatives with the UK Department of Defense.

It turned out that the tourists weren’t the only ones who had seen the object. The pilot of the RAF Harrier jet also witnessed the phenomenon, again near Calvin, after being forced to investigate this UFO.

Calvine UFO sighting in 1990
Nick Pope

The former head of the UFO research project of the British Ministry of Defense and later turned whistleblower Nick Pope discovered a UFO, but the data was covered up by the authorities.

Nick had been directed to the project since 1991. During this time, he has repeatedly stated that a number of traces of aliens have been identified in the UK. The researcher explained that the work was not easy: most of the data he found was simply rejected by management.

Nick and Channel 5 recreated the color images of the incident.

Calvine UFO sighting in 1990
Recreated color image of the famous Calvine UFO incident in 1990

He said that military intelligence officers sent the images to JARIC, which is the Joint Air Intelligence and Reconnaissance Center.

“We consistently played down the true level of our interest in UFOs… while all the time, behind closed doors, we struggled to make sense of cases like the Calvine incident.”

It is the UK’s military center of excellence when it comes to image analysis. These intelligence officers concluded that the photographs were real and that no one had the slightest idea of what the UFo was.

Calvine UFO sighting in 1990
Nick Pope during his time in MOD

Thirty years later, the dossier of the Ministry of Defense, including photographs, was scheduled for declassification and publication, which is typical for such documents.

However, the release has now been postponed for another 50 years for unknown reasons.

Nick said: “Under the 30-year rule, the file should have been released on January 1, 2021, but if the ministry gets their way, it won’t be released until January 1, 2072 — an 82-year closure.

By the time the world gets to see the file, the two witnesses will be dead. It is crazy. What are the authorities trying to hide?”

In the edited file, they also removed the names of the witnesses and their contact details. The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has lodged a complaint under the Freedom of Information Act, but it is on hold.


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