US Government Dug Up Alien Buried By Locals After UFO Crash In Texas In 1897

On April 19, 1897, a UFO was spotted in Aurora (a city in Texas, US) early in the morning. The cigar-shaped object was moving at a very high speed. The eyewitnesses noticed that the object collided with a windmill at Judge Proctor’s place, thereby causing an explosion. When the locals reached the crash landing site, they found the wreckage of the spacecraft and a dead alien.

Aurora Ufo Incident 1897
Aurora Ufo Incident 1897

One of the witnesses said that the alien pilot had some unrecognizable hieroglyphs and was not from this world.

Was the alien a “Martian”?

A local liaison officer who also had knowledge in astronomy assumed that the creature could have been from Mars. It was because back in the 18th century, many astronomers were studying Mars and some even claimed that the Red Planet had seasons.

Aurora Ufo Incident 1897
The Aurora alien claimed to be dug by the US government/ Image credit: The Sun

Besides, in 1877, Italian astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli discovered the canals on the surface of Mars using his telescope, which could be the sign of extraterrestrial species.

Aurora Ufo Incident 1897
Tombstone of Aurora alien’s grave stolen in 1973

On the next day, the locals buried the alien and put a tombstone over its grave with the sketch of the UFO. But in 1973, it was allegedly stolen with no evidence.

Aurora Ufo Incident 1897
Aurora cemetery

New twist in Aurora UFO incident

In 2018, Novelist Kerry Haggard claimed that the US government had secretly dug up the alien, buried by the Aurora locals 123 years ago.

Aurora Ufo Incident 1897
Novelist Kerry Haggard

He said: “There were hundreds of UFO sightings witnessed and documented in newspapers throughout the old west beginning shortly after the Civil War from San Francisco to Louisiana coming to a head in 1897.

Our government is ruthless and corrupt as I more than most know all too well so maybe they have slipped in there and carted him away.”

Haggard, now 57, said that the news of the airship crashed in 1897 was covered by Dallas and Fort Worth newspapers, and it was not the first time that such incidents happened in Texas.

Aurora Ufo Incident 1897
The newspaper clipping shows the UFO incident in the late 1890s.

Another interesting note made by him was that he also had a close encounter with UFO at the age of nine while growing up in Georgia.

Haggard is the owner of a vintage car restoration company, and he also wrote a book about the incident.

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