Aliens Abducted Colorado Man Multiples Times & Put Betty Hill’s Dress Onto Him After Conducting Experiment

A well-known alien abductee named Stan Romanek, who wrote a couple of books on alien abductions and secretly filmed his abductors, ended up in prison for child p*rn*graphy, which he repeatedly denied and called it a “set up” by the government.

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Stan Romanek
Stan Romanek

In 2001, Romanek claimed that he had been beamed up by the UFO when he was driving a car near Denver. He said that aliens had conducted various experiments on him. When he returned back, he noticed wounds on his body that glowed in the darkness.

According to Romanek, after that incident, he was abducted by aliens several times. The aliens communicated with him telepathically, but he did not remember anything as they wiped his memory every time. He repeatedly woke up with a feeling of missing time and noticed strange wounds on his body.

Romanek said:

“If you’re a true experiencer, true abductee, you have what’s called high strangeness. All these weird, bizarre paranormal things start to happen, almost like your house is … being haunted.”

Romanek stated that he had communicated with the aliens using some device called a “Ghost Box” that can also be used to contact spirits. He was reportedly chased by alien spaceships that hovered over his car.

The Stan Romanek Story
American author, Stan Romanek was the subject of the documentary film Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story

One night at 2:30 a.m., three aliens knocked on his door. He thought they were just people with weird masks, but as he got closer to them, he could see their facial expressions that made him frightened.

After that, Romanek remembered waking in a room full of bizarre lights, laying up on a table in severe pain. Aliens contacted him telephonically and filled his mind with disturbing images of a catastrophe.

“Images of this horrible catastrophe, you know, wind so strong it’s scouring the pavement off the earth, forests burning, devastation of the planet,” he said.

Romanek was convinced that aliens were trying to warn humans about the end of the world through him.

He also went through some hypnotic sessions, which helped him to recall more about his alien abduction. He said that the wound on his body had been made using some alien tool during surgery. Besides, one morning, he found himself in a woman’s dress which, according to him, was not just an ordinary dress but belonged to Betty Hill who wore the same one during her alien abduction in 1961.

Stan Romanek had once found himself in a women’s clothing which he claimed worn by Betty Hill during her abduction in 1961.

One day, Romanek received a phone call from a mysterious woman who spoke with him in a British accent and called him a “Starseed.” She also said that he was important and should not be afraid.

Next time, a little girl named Kioma called him and said that she was one of his 9 alien-hybrid children. Moreover, he complained of getting threats and harassment on calls. He even claimed that his computer had been hacked in an attempt to shut him off.

Romanek even had footage of an alien which is famous by the name “Boo video.” In the video, a grey humanoid figure is seen hiding under the window of Romanek’s house.

This particular video created so much controversy that even a radio host of Coast to Coast AM George Noory suggested Romanek take a lie detector test to confirm that the video and his words were real.

Unfortunately, Romanek failed the test, but he assured that it was because of his painful medical condition and not because he had made it all up. And later, he said that Noory had arranged everything so that he would fail the test.

UFO researcher Chuck Zukowski, who had investigated more than thousands of UFO cases in his career, claimed that after spending countless hours in the investigation of Romanek’s case, he found that something physical was happening to him.

An X-ray report showed that an alien implant appeared in his leg after the abduction, but later it disappeared.

Stan Romanek and his wife
Stan Romanek and his wife denied all the charges put on him

In 2014, Romanek was arrested after being charged with storing child p*rn*graphy on his computer. Allegedly, more than 300 photos and videos were found on his home computer.

Romanek and his wife Lisa immediately denied all the charges. He stated that this was just a big conspiracy to silence people like him who witnessed alien abductions. He insisted that the files were intentionally placed on his computer to ruin his life and “crucify” him as a writer and ufologist. He said that all the people involved in that process, from judges to police officers, participated in the conspiracy.

Romanek and his wife said they would fight the charges brought against them and to some extent, they succeeded. On December 14, 2017, Romanek was not accused of distributing child p*rn*graphy, but only of possessing it, which is a less serious crime under the US laws.

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