A strange figure flying through the sky during a storm in Minnesota

One of the timeless traditions of Native Americans and later settlers is the myth or supernatural sightings of the Thunderbird (Wakinyan Tanka in the Lakota tradition of Minnesota and South Dakota). In Native American history and culture, it was seen as a spiritual being with great power and wrath. He was to be feared and respected. Some contemporary sightings and cryptozoological accounts tell of horrific sightings of gigantic bird-like creatures that carry people away and build nests from their bones.

In the late 1960s, there was even a report that a “thunderbird” was trying to kidnap a 5-year-old boy in Ohio. These legends are common among other tribes in America. However, many believe that Thunderbird continues to exist today. And perhaps now we have evidence of its existence.

Unidentified aerial phenomenon

Something really strange has happened in Minnesota, USA, in an area known locally as “Spot 51”. On Friday, September 20, Todd Mitchell, the owner of Campground, a country campground located in the city of Detroit Lakes, turned on his security camera, as he would on any other day. But that night, I intended to record something more exciting than the comings and goings of vacationers, the breathtaking lightning strikes from the thunderstorm hanging over the place. What I didn’t know was that I had recorded something even more unusual.

Later, when Mitchell viewed the CCTV footage, he was amazed to see what appeared to be a black object moving erratically through the storm clouds, trailing what appeared to be a dark tail. Not knowing what to do, Mitchell sent a video to a local television station, adding that the Detroit Lakes Chamber of Commerce designated the campsite as “Place 51.” Leaving that detail aside, on the September 25 evening news, they reported an unusual sighting that elicited all sorts of reactions from viewers.

Mitchell explained that the reflection on the right side of the images matches the double window of his office. He also identifies small lights to the left and center of the screen as a reflection of his closet, where he stores his security camera recording equipment. However, he does not know what the mysterious dark-colored object is, completely ruling out that it is some sort of reflection or camera glitch.

At the beginning of the recording, everything seems to be normal, but after 10 seconds, a small, barely noticeable black dot appears on the right side of the screen, in the part of the sky that is directly above a small tree. The point slowly moves up in a more or less straight line. It smoothly crosses the sky, unaffected by the wind or the storm itself, as if it were gliding over a perfectly level surface.

But then the mysterious object becomes more erratic and seems to leave some sort of black smoke behind it as it moves at top speed. And finally, the dark figure disappears without a trace among the clouds.


After Mitchell’s video went public, a Native American went to his campsite to visit him. He told her that perhaps the mysterious object in the sky was the Thunderbird, the sacred being of the Thunderer, the bringer of life, the protector of mankind, and an important part of man’s natural heritage. As for all those who have seen the footage, there are those who comment that it looks like a smoky monster in the sky, repeatedly performing aerobatics before disappearing into thin air.

Or maybe it’s an alien spacecraft with some kind of technical malfunction. Whatever the explanation, one thing is clear: this is an unidentified aerial phenomenon (the new term for UFOs). For now, experts in the field note some similarities between this sighting and another that occurred in Nebraska during a thunderstorm in 2015. Thus, everything indicates that a strange object usually appears during these weather events.

Is it a thunder bird? Unidentified aerial phenomenon or UFO? Or do you have another explanation?

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