UFO Hunters Found Images Of Artificial Structures On Mars

It is unnecessary reinforcement for a simple conclusion: it is not necessary that you go to Mars in an effort to find something.

Numerous photos have been taken by various spacecraft and scientific institutions. Photos are organized and made accessible through many Internet initiatives. Google Mars, a web application similar to Google Earth, is called Google Mars. This engine can also be used to create the Mars Map. This 3D topographic map shows the heights of Mars.


Scott Waring is a diligent explorer and ufologist from Taiwan who has recently researched in depth the maps of Mars’ surface. Here are his findings.

Waring’s remark: “Clearly, there is a structure in these craters of Mars.” It is a rectangular structure with a circular roof. A towering white skyscraper can be seen in the distance. Then, you’ll see a gray tower. “This couldn’t be possible, but there are three impossible things within 60km of each other.” This suggests that these creations may be real and were created by intelligent life.

Now you can simply find everything by following these directions. We offer a link to the coordinates of the desired craters, which have been already been drawn out. To view the elevation, visible, and infrared enumeration you just need to look at the upper left corner. To get the desired result, click on Infrared.

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