In the late evening of September 1, 2022, several residents of the town of Round Rock, Texas, USA, see a strange cluster of five bright lights in the night sky and capture it with their phones (you will watch the video below).

Judging by the presented videos, these mysterious UFOs are hovering in the sky, moving very slowly without breaking formation.

In an interview with FOX 7 Austin, witness Emily White says:

“Honestly, it was mesmerizing. And it was so quiet, otherwise I might have thought, ‘Oh, that’s a helicopter, a plane, something like that…’.”

When the journalist asks her if she thinks this could be a close contact with aliens, the girl replies:

“I’ll be honest, kind of… I don’t know if I believe in all of that, I don’t know. Maybe … I often hear in America that these things happen. I think the fact that the objects didn’t make any noise seemed the strangest to me. But, yeah, it definitely felt like an alien invasion or something.”

Another eyewitness, Gus McGiven, also gave an interview and shared:

“I never believed in UFOs or anything like that, but I mean, maybe I do now. I don’t know, I’m not sure…”

It is not yet known what these objects are or a single object with five lights. There is a hypothesis that someone launched drones at night.

Drone expert Gene Robinson comments:

“I would say there is nothing alien about it. But I’m not saying it’s impossible.”

Robinson lives in Wimberley, trains drone pilots and operates several types of drone rigs. He watches a video recorded by eyewitnesses and draws the following conclusion:

“My initial view is that this is most likely a drone-based phenomenon.”

In one of the eyewitness videos, the lights in the sky can be seen dimming. Another video shows what looks like a laser sight.

According to US law, drones cannot be launched at night. Especially a group of several. Federal Aviation Administration officials are now reportedly checking to see if anyone has received such a permit. Meanwhile, the police report that they did not receive any reports of strange lights in the sky that night.

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