The Famous Black Knight Alien Satellite Was Filmed Again In Space

The Black Knight, in case you didn’t know, is an artificial satellite of alien origins that has been circling our planet for almost 13,000 years. This satellite’s narrative is essentially a recall of many previous stories, each with its own unique interpretation. Leading authorities have thoroughly studied and recorded all of these instances.

The Black Knight’s beginnings may be traced back to 1889 when Tesla’s tests captured something weird. Jorgen Hals, an amateur radio operator in Oslo, detected the same phenomenon in 1928

Donald Keyhoe, an ufologist, claims that in 1954 the US Air Force found two satellites orbiting our planet.


Because no government was able to launch a satellite, nothing was possible at the time. The sightings recurred over the years. Gordin Cooper for instance claimed to have seen a UFO in 1963. Later, monitoring stations confirmed this claim. Duncan Lunan conducted studies that suggested the radio echoes could have been produced by an extraterrestrial spacecraft orbiting Earth 13,000 years old.Check out the video below for additional information, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.



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