Former CIA Pilot Says “Millions of Aliens Are Living on the Moon”

Former CIA pilot John Lear claims that there is an entire industrial network on the moon.
As if that were not enough, Lear also guarantees that there are metropolitan areas under the outer layer of the Moon where races of extraterrestrials inhabit. According to the former CIA pilot, these underground workplaces feature research offices where legacy trial and error is completed.

In the UFO world, John Lear is an exceptional and troubled figure. He made disclosures of deeply classified data on extraterrestrial development during the 1980s and 1990s. At this time, Lear said:

In 1953, a strange craft crashed and trapped an alien we call EBE 3, who helped the US government. to assemble some space transports with alien advances. In 1962, we had vehicles that couldn’t go faster than the speed of light like the alien vehicles, but fast enough to get to the moon in an hour and a few hours to go to Mars. The first exit to Mars took place in 1966. To tell the truth, even on the red planet there are about 600 million strange animals and some human states. said Lear
As Lear points out, NASA changed photographs taken by the Apollo 8, 10 and 11 missions to hide some favorite lunar data. NASA’s SB2-46 launch released these photographs in 1971. Despite the modification, a city, a space base, pipes, roads, vegetation, air, 66% gravity compared to Earth, lighting, mining exercises and a nuclear reactor.

As there were already several projects on the Moon by then, an extraterrestrial speculation was necessary. For over 40 years, this is what has happened. During the 1950’s, John\N’s father was involved in horrendous energy development programs, which even today is a deeply ordered development. Possible Alien Construction on the Moon According to Lear, all we know about the Moon is an organizational trick with the particular aim of disguising its extraterrestrial activities and endeavors. In addition, he says that the public power has hidden that there are some planets in the universe like Earth.

World-class state organizations carry out mind-boggling activities, are deeply focused on advancing the state of the art, and possess exceptional secrets that will not be declassified. Progressively, we will know the truth, and the reality of the situation is more intriguing than fiction. What’s your point of view?

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