20 km wide alien base on Mercury discovered in NASA photo

Famous UFO hunter Scott C. Waring shows us several alien installations on the planet Mercury.
There is already clear evidence of extraterrestrial bases on our artificial satellite, the moon, as well as on Mars and Venus, and Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is not far behind. Now these photos, uploaded by famed UFO hunter Scott C. Waring, are starting to piece together the puzzle better, showing us several alien installations on the planet Mercury.

I found it years ago, says Scott C. Waring, although I’m happy to republish it for those who never heard of it.

Discovery Location: Planet Mercury

While searching the NASA archives, I found an old photo with a structure, say UFO scientists. This photo is of Mercury’s surface, which has some interesting structures. A structure stands out in detail, shape, and color. It is located in the center of the crater, with many right angles, similar to how humans have established bases on alien planets.


size of structures

You think that the structure of the planet Mercury looks small, but it is not. The crater is 50 km wide! That makes this structure 20 km wide and 4 km high… now have your attention? It’s big! How did I get these measurements? Easy, the nearest crater is Atget and scientists say it is 100 km in diameter. It helped tremendously.

There are many other structures on the planet Mercury, a huge one… I estimate it is 45 km wide and 10 km high! It is crystal clear and blue in color. You can’t miss it.

Without a doubt, this is 100% proof that aliens currently live on the planet Mercury and can share them with humanity if we ask nicely.

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