Australian Woman Who Is Half-Alien Regularly Contacts Her Alien Family And Visited Their Spaceship Many Times

Judy Carroll, a 67-year-old resident of the Australian city of Brisbane, claimed to have interacted with Grey aliens since childhood. After years of silence, she decided to step forward and announce her contacts with aliens.

The woman is sure that she was born after her mother had been abducted by aliens who introduced their DNA into her during pregnancy, so Judy considers herself only half-human.

Judy Carroll
Judy Carroll who claims herself as a half-alien

She claimed that she had interacted with aliens as a child, but then they did not appear until 1983 when she was 30 years old. Since then, gray bald men with teardrop-shaped eyes and immobile jaws have regularly invited her onboard their spaceship that is “pure white, with beautiful archways and no sharp corners.”

Extraterrestrial friends taught Judy to meditate in order to constantly be in touch with them. And her alien teacher is called Maris, with whom she has a “spiritual relationship.”

“I remember him massaging my neck and putting his long fingers in my mouth and down my throat, where I said I was tight,” she said.

She said that humans have nothing to fear from “extraterrestrial visitors.” When humanity is fully ready, the “Grey” will help people reach their level of development, since they cannot leave the Earth to the mercy of humanity.

Judy kept her secret for years, but then her husband Charlie accidentally saw an alien next to her while she was meditating. Then she decided to write a book about her extraordinary life.

According to skeptics, there is no scientific evidence to support the claims of alien abductions and the existence of alien hybrids. Moreover, the requirements for this kind of evidence are prohibitively high, since the Internet is full of such confessions.

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