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CIA Sent An Army Officer To Mars Million Years Ago To Explore Ancient Life

In a highly classified project conducted first at a California research laboratory in the 1970s and then at a military base in Maryland, the CIA, the Army, and the Defense Intelligence Agency recruited men and women who claimed to have psychic abilities.

In 2017, the CIA declassified about 12 million pages of records revealing previously unknown details about the program that later became known as the Stargate Project.

Army veteran Joseph McMoneagle stood out among all the psychics who worked with the government’s top-secret program. From 1978 to 1984, McMoneagle participated in 450 missions, including helping the army find hostages in Iran and helping CIA agents locate shortwave radio hidden in the pocket calculator of a KGB agent captured in South Africa.

Even as reports of details of government experiments leaked in the 1980s, the Pentagon continued to deny that it was spending money on any paranormal research. Finally, in 1995, the CIA published a report prepared by independent American research institutions, which acknowledged the work of the US government with psychics for military and intelligence purposes.

In the CIA documents, one experiment is described where the most famous medium of this project, Joseph McMoneagle, was offered to take an astral journey to Mars approx. 1 million years B.C. In the end of May 1984, he did it. According to him, the time portal looked like a pyramid in the lowlands. The inside of the funnel was smooth as if made of polished megaliths. Looking up, it seemed endless.

Further, the psychic mentally followed the group of Martians. They tried to find a new place for living and ended up on a completely different planet, with seething lakes, erupting volcanoes, a smokescreen of smog and fog.

The psychic was asked to establish contact with one of the aliens. However, none of the creatures went into contact, since the medium seemed to be just a hallucination for them.

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