Did Astronauts Photograph an “Alien City” on the Moon?

Images from NASA archives related to the Apollo 8 mission show a kind of alien city, formed by drawings and bases on the Moon.
Due to Art Alien TV, images were distributed, demonstrating the presence of a progression of drawings that seem to frame an alien city on the Moon.

Some experts say that this could indeed have been a “place of arrival”. However, its presence was completely denied by a researcher who deals with lunar mapping.

Is there an alien city on the moon?
NASA, together with the lunar cartographer, guarantees that these are cavities and shadows projected by the sun. Either way, the images have all the earmarks of being overly bright.

Autonomous experts, who have long focused on the extraterrestrial presence, and even more so on their presence on the Moon, are convinced that they have found the proof they need.

The alien city is made up of a building several kilometers high, which was captured during the Apollo 8 mission. Some experts accept that it is an extraterrestrial platform.

“Updated” images are constantly inserted next to the images captured by the mission, to show that there was no adjustment.

Consequently, it is clearly confirmed that there is some kind of alien city on the lunar surface. The main thing that remains to be seen is whether these projects are still active or abandoned.

A more peculiar case that has become visible lately is that of a strange 3D square-shaped UFO distributed on the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON for its acronym in English.

The video was recorded in New Jersey on September 28 during a thunderstorm. The object appears to be hiding behind fog during the storm.

In the images you can see the arrangement of the mists and lightning resulting from the meteorological peculiarity in the night sky.

However, within seconds it is obvious that the beginning of the rays gives the impression of being a strange block structure.

Scott C. Waring, an eminent American ufologist, broke the images, recommending that some extraterrestrial civilizations use lightning to “power” their ships.

Space travelers from the space station photograph a ‘streak’ over Europa

However, there is another new abnormal occasion that could not be understood, and that opportunity comes from the International Space Station itself.

Space travelers on the station saw a strange blue glow over Europa. According to the French space traveler, Thomas Pesquet, it was a passing quirk.

This occurs when there is lightning in the upper part of the environment at elevations above where it regularly strikes.

Until a few years ago, researchers didn’t fully accept that this was conceivable, although different space explorers claimed to have seen it. Now the question is… Is this a characteristic quirk?


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