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Space Alien From Venus Worked At Pentagon In Secret Programs In 1950s To Save Earthlings

In 1995, American engineer Philip Schneider released a photograph of an unknown man. According to Schneider, he met with the man when he participated in secret government projects to build an underground military base and also worked in Area-51. His name was Valiant Thor, and he was an alien from Venus who worked for the US government in the 1950s. A photograph of Thor was shown by Schneider during the lecture he was giving. He reported that it was taken in 1943.

There are several photos of Valiant Thor circulating on the Internet, but the most popular ones are the two shown below. The first photo shows a man of about twenty-five years old with sleek black hair. It is the picture that Schneider is said to have shown at the lecture. The second photo shows a much older man with short gray hair. He does not look much like the man from the first picture, but they claim that this is the same alien, Thor in later years.

Space alien from Venus

According to Schneider, Thor looked like a human. However, physiologically, he was very different from ordinary people. So, he allegedly had six fingers on each hand, his heart was enlarged, he had only one and huge lung, and his blood contained copper oxide. The IQ of Thor was over 1200, which is much higher than a human’s level. Thor was fluent in about 100 languages, including aliens’, and his age was supposedly about 500 years.


Valiant Thor: Space alien from Venus

In addition, Schneider assured that Thor knew many government secrets. For example, the US government has a device capable of causing earthquakes, which has been used in practice more than once. Further, in 1954, the so-called Greada Treaty was concluded between the US authorities and the grey aliens. And the AIDS virus was developed at the Chicago laboratory as a tool to control humanity. And finally, the alien invasion of Earth will soon take place.

Phil said he was one of three people who survived the 1979 shootout at an underground military base in Dulce between US intelligence officials and aliens. As a result of the exposure to alien weapons, Schneider received a charge of radiation and subsequently fell ill with cancer.

During a lecture in 1995, Schneider stated that over the past 22 years, 11 of his best friends who knew something about the so-called government conspiracy theory were killed but declared as sui*cides.

In particular, on August 6, 1993, Schneider’s friend Ron Rummel, who had previously served in the Air Force, died. According to the official version, he shot himself in the mouth with a pistol. However, no blood or fingerprints were found on the gun lying nearby. And the examination showed that the suicide note, which was also found next to the corpse, was written by a left-handed person.

Rummel was naturally right-handed. Few took Phil Schneider’s tales seriously until January 17, 1996, shortly after the news of Valiant Thor was made public, he was found dead in his apartment. The official cause of death was said to be suicide, although there are some reports of torture left on the body.

Many ufologists believe that representatives of the US special services silenced Schneider because he knew too much. Editor-in-chief of Veterans Today magazine Gordon Duff called Schneider a UFO witness, believing that he was surprisingly deeply aware of the US government’s contacts with aliens.

However, for some reason, none of the ufologists commented on the fact how the inhabitant of Venus managed to adapt to life on our planet: on Venus, the temperature is about 400 degrees, and the pressure is 100 times higher than that of the Earth.

Internal pressure would simply tear the Venusian apart if he took off his suit.

So, perhaps the most logical explanation for Schneider’s story is that he suffered from paranoia and was officially registered with psychiatrists.

However, the hot topic was immediately picked up by other ufologists Dr. Frank Stranges published the book “Stranger at the Pentagon,” in which he also told about his meeting with Valiant Thor in 1959. The book also reveals that Thor met with US Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower and Richard Nixon.

However, did a man named Valiant Thor actually exist? Why has the alien invasion promised by Schneider not yet taken place? There are no clear answers to these and other similar questions.

So, perhaps, another assumption is closer to the truth. Some experts believe that the US government from time to time deliberately allows information about UFOs and contacts with aliens to leak in order to cover up some secret military developments in this way.

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