Aliens don’t just live on other worlds, they exist in the depths of our oceans.

I grew up near water and was still curious to know if there were mermaids. I know it might sound strange to some people, but I used to go diving at night before I could see the sea, and then we’d wait for the mermaids to come and rescue me. Aliens aren’t just in the clouds!

In science, the outer sky is an outer space view of the atmosphere of an artificial entity other than the planet. The only extraterrestrial skies specifically witnessed and photographed by explorers are the moons.


The skies of Venus, Mars and Titan have been studied by space probes equipped to land on the planet and transmit images back to Earth. I’m looking at these pictures and I know they’re not waiting for them. I know it sounds strange, but we all see mermaids who are stunning, slim, and have firm hips. I realize we are a strange, not loving place.

“Humans tested only 5% of the mounds with ground and shore water. I assume there might be a siren. It might not be like the ones we see in the cartoon, but there could be such a monster.” New evidence of the presence of mermaids in the modern world has broken the veil in our universe between real life and mythology.

Aliens are not just in the atmosphere, but dwell deep within us, or can I claim your oceans! Will you believe this for me? Mermaid or mermaid in common belief is a queen or raw woman whose essence is considered to reign over the powers of water. She was considered a stunning, erotically attractive woman with a fishtail who lured sailors to ruins with her beautiful music. She even tricked the men into the water and muʀᴅᴇʀᴇᴅ them.

Initially, these creatures were supposed to have the head of a woman, the bust and body of a bird (mermaids); over time, the image changed to half woman, half fish. Those who claimed to have seen mermaids actually saw manatees and lost their lives.





“I was looking at the two recordings. I was cynical about this even at first, before remembering that we just don’t know much about our oceans. I mean, just look at how big our rivers are… and how they still discover new species in the stream. Therefore, the options for what they will exist are endless. Both cave paintings of these animals are everywhere. And people withdrew what they saw from their own eyes. And I trust them now. If they weren’t real, the government wouldn’t have taken away all the evidence from the team that discovered the bones. It just convinced me to do it.”

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