Ancestors Of African ‘Dogon Tribe’ Were Visited By Ancient Aliens From Sirus Star System

There is a small state in the heart of northwest Africa called Mali. It has one of the oldest and most interesting ancient cultures. The descendants of this culture are known as the Dogon. They have religious traditions, ritual dances, heavy ritual masks, wooden sculptures, and distinctive architecture. But it is not for this that the Dogon received the greatest fame. The most incredible thing about the people is that the Dogon know very specific cosmic facts.

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Dogon tribe
Dogon people are renowned for their knowledge about the Sirius Star system which dates back to 3200 BC, long before scientists discovered it in 1862

The traditional mythology of the Dogon is amazing. Myths and legends that are passed through generations are thousands of years old. Perhaps their origins go back to those distant times when even the tribe itself did not exist yet.

For the Dogon, the sky and everything connected with it is of great importance. Dogon myths say that the sky was created by God Amma (also called Amen). He also created the first living beings on Earth. They are known as “Nommo.” These very first inhabitants of our planet were ethereal spirits. However, they are sometimes described as amphibians, hermaphrodite, fish-like creatures. They are often referred to as water masters, observers, and even teachers. The Dogon claim that the Amma created these creatures in the distant past.

Dogon tribe
Professor Marcel Griaule

Between 1931 and 1956, French anthropologists Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen studied the Dogon tribe. At the end of 1946, Griaule spoke for 33 days in a row with a Dogon named Ogotemelli. He was the elder of the tribe. And it is he who is considered to be the source of information for most of the future publications about this interesting tribe. As a result, Griaule wrote almost 3,000 pages about the beliefs of the ancient Dogon tribe.

In his works, he described in detail the Dogon’s knowledge of plants and cosmogony. It is assumed that the Dogon revealed a number of their secrets to Griaule and Dieterlen. The Dogon explained to scientists that the Nommo were ancient astronauts who came to Earth from the Sirius star system 8.6 light-years away.

Dogon tribe
Dogon explained to scientists that the Nommo were descendants of a species from the Sirius star system

And these aliens gave the Dogon all their astronomical knowledge. Since the Nommo were amphibious creatures, they really needed water. And when they arrived on Earth, they lived in a special pool created for them. Otherwise, they would not have survived. The Dogon also told the researchers that the aliens, in fact, hail from the Sirius star system. This star is called Sirius B (Po-Tolo). But it cannot be seen with the naked eye. So, where did the Dogon get such knowledge?

Dogon tribe
Dogon tribe

Sirius B was discovered by German astronomer Friedrich Bessel in 1844. Once, he suggested that Sirius has an invisible satellite. The scientist made such a conclusion after discovering an anomaly in the motion of the star. And American astronomer Alvan Graham Clark was the first to see Sirius B through a telescope. It happened on January 31, 1862. However, it turns out that the ancient Dogon had known about the existence of Sirius B even before modern astronomers were able to see it through their telescopes.

Dogon tribe
Dogon’s knowledge of astronomy

Therefore, a very obvious question arises: how did the Dogon get this specific knowledge? Were they really given them by the Heavenly Gods? Or is there some other explanation? Ancient astronaut theorists argue that space aliens are quite possible. Why not assume that the beings known as the Nommo gave them this knowledge? They were just representatives of another intelligent civilization, and they weren’t humanoids.

However, there is another opinion. Opponents of the Paleocontact theory and ancient astronauts assume that the Dogon received their cosmic knowledge from ethnologists. They probably appeared in those places even before the French explorers. However, no work on the study of the Dogon tribe has been published before. In addition, scientists have reliably established that all Dogon stories about Sirus B have their roots in the distant past. They are at least several hundred years old.

And this fact confuses science. How do the Dogon know such cosmic facts? There are two options. The earth was indeed visited by alien guests. Or there was some highly developed civilization on Earth in ancient times, and all the Dogon knowledge came from it.

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