Ziggy Marley Reveals His UFO and Extraterrestrial Beliefs

It should come as no surprise that a guy who selected his own nickname to honor the leader of the Spiders From Mars believes in UFOs. However, it seems the recent revelation by Ziggy Marley on Instagram that he believes in “Extraterrestrial Flying Vehicles” and thinks it’s time to discuss them openly sent his fans into an EFV/UFO/ET frenzy. Is this the Ziggy we should be consulting about life on Mars?

“So much was happening in 2020 we could have missed it.
#EFV extraterrestrial flying vehicle not #UFO #universe #galaxy #truth #life #creation #ziggymarley”


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Bob Marley


With that comment and a photo of the famous ‘Gimbal’ UFO, DanceHallMag.com reports that Ziggy Marley got his 1.2 million followers and UFO believers talking about … Ziggy Marley talking about UFOs/EFVs and extraterrestrial life. Not only does it appear that Ziggy is a true believer, his responses to comments on the Instagram post indicate he’s willing to discuss and defend his views.

“Already know life exists beyond this planet. It’s just something I know it is inborn. It is good to see it revealed through credible channels so the minds that are closed can be open. We are not alone, for sure.”

If Ziggy is hoping the government is that “credible channel,” we all want some of what he’s smoking. (Actually, we all want that anyway). The comments on his post went from the supportive to the incredulous to the bizarre to the more bizarre. Ziggy doesn’t reveal if he’s had his own encounters with UFOs/EFVs or extraterrestrials, but he defends his preference for the term EFV and his belief that they’re not secret government aircraft with this:

“I must ask what are the extraterrestrials using for transportation these days? ”

When did his interest in EFVs and ETs start? David Nesta Marley was born to the late great reggae pioneer Bob Marley and his wife Rita in 1968. As a schoolboy, he formed a band called The Seven Do Bees and received an obligatory nickname – “Freddie Dic.” Fortunately, “Freddie Dic” didn’t stick. Legend has it that his father nicknamed him Ziggy, which means “little spliff” (little joint). However, in an interview with Melody Maker magazine in 1988, he gave this explanation for the transformation from David to Ziggy:

“Me name David but me big Bowie fan. So at the time of the Ziggy Stardust album, me call meself Ziggy and now everyone do.”


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Not so little spliff.


From David to Ziggy – just like Bowie. So, is Ziggy following the path of David Bowie to sing about extraterrestrials or the path of Tom DeLonge and dive deep into the X-Files and push for EFV/UFO and ET disclosure?

“Humanity needs to wake up and work together for this planet. We definitely haven’t been alone yet we are so lonely in this universe.

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