Pilot reports ‘dancing lights’ during airport approach in new audio

An audio recording of a pilot discussing the unexplained sighting with air traffic control has been released online.

The incident, which occurred on January 29th, involved a flight from Fort McMurray, Altanta to Yellowknife, Canada as it was approaching the city at around 11:15pm.

The exchange between the pilot and air traffic control can be heard in the video below.

“Good evening, just wondering, do you got two planes that are just to the east of your field doing circuits or maneuvers ?” the pilot asked.

“Negative, I have no reported traffic in the area,” air traffic control replied.

“Do you have a visual on something?”

“Yeah, we’re looking at two lights dancing around here, to the east of your field,” said the pilot. “They’re above us, about, I don’t know what. We’re not seeing them on TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system). But we can see the lights moving around.”

“I don’t have anything on the radar either. Let me talk to centre,” air traffic control stated.

“Hey, centre doesn’t have anything about any movement in the area, so I’m really wondering what you’re seeing there… I don’t see them from the ground here. Well, I’ll keep an eye out.”

Ultimately, no positive identification of the objects was ever made.

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