A Subtle But Dangerous Alien Invasion: Could Such a Thing Really Happen?

Have you ever seen someone who looks not quite right? Someone strange? Someone who might not be human? Someone who could be extraterrestrial, but doing their best to look like us? It sounds amazing. Over the top, right? But, what if it’s absolutely true? With that said, let’s take a look at a few cases – and strange entities – that fit in this eerie category. We’ll begin with a truly creepy story from Loch Ness, Scotland. On the day of June 3, 1973, Loch Ness played host to something truly extraordinary. And it all came down on Frederick “Ted” Holiday, a long-time Nessie-seeker who believed there was a UFO-Nessie-paranormal connection to the mystery of the legendary monster(s). As dawn broke on the following morning, Holiday took a walk down to the loch. What a catastrophic mistake that was. As he did so, Holiday could not fail to see a man, at a distance of around ninety feet, standing atop the slope that led directly down to Loch Ness. This was no normal man, however. It may not even have been a man, at all. Whoever – or whatever – this curious character was, he was dressed entirely in black, from head to toe. Whereas most people who go to Loch Ness focus their attentions on the deep waters, in the hope they just might be lucky enough to see something monstrous rear its head, this character had his back to the loch and was staring directly at Holiday, who later commented that as the figure focused on him, “I felt a strong sensation of malevolence, cold and passionless.”

(Nick Redfern)

The man appeared to be dressed in what Holiday described as black plastic. His hands were gloved (black, too), and his head was covered by something that looked like a motorcycle helmet. No surprises on its color. Goggles covered his eyes, and even his nose and mouth were covered – by a black band, possibly made of cloth. Holiday tentatively walked towards the definitive Man in Black. Even when Holiday was mere feet away, the MIB neither moved nor acknowledged his presence. Most terrifying of all, there appeared to be no eyes behind the goggles. Shocked, Holiday continued walking for about ten feet and then stopped. It was Holiday’s quickly thought out intention to pretend to fall on the grass and reach out to the man for support as he did so – specifically to see if he was physical in form, or some kind of intangible specter. Holiday was prevented from doing so, however, when the sounds of whistling and unintelligible whisperings filled the air, and the MIB vanished – as in dematerialized, literally. As Holiday – now petrified out of his wits – shakily scanned the half a mile of open road that dominated the landscape, it became clear to him that there was simply no way the man could have made good a stealthy escape in conventional fashion.

Now, let’s look at an undeniably weird saga. And, that’s understating the situation. Gloria is an elderly woman who lives in Decatur, Texas and who I met with on the afternoon of November 22, 2014. I decided to make the approximately 110-mile-roundtrip, after hearing a bit of her story down the phone the previous evening. I set off early, wondering, as I always do, what exactly I might be in for. It was a typical November day in Texas when I hit the road. It could have been a less than extraordinary experience – as is sometimes the case. But, not this time. On this occasion, the trip was well worth it. I arrived at an old house – probably dating from the 1940s, and which was well kept and that had a welcoming porch, on which were a couple of chairs. I knocked the door and in just a few seconds it opened. In front of me was Gloria, a white-haired lady who smiled broadly. At least, her experience wasn’t affecting her character, I thought. She invited me in and I sat down, as a couple of caged canaries bid me welcome. At least, I think that’s what they did.

(Nick Redfern)

On July 19, 2012, Gloria told me – as we drank coffee and ate homemade lemon cake in her living-room – she briefly saw what can only be accurately described as a flying saucer, which hovered over her home as she sat in her backyard, reading a book and with her two dogs for company. In fact, it was the barking of both dogs – which stared intently and rigidly at the sky – that alerted Gloria to the presence of the weird craft. It didn’t stay around for long, however. It was a case of here one second and gone the next second. But that was not all. The next afternoon, that of the 20th, there was a knock at the door. It was an extremely pale-faced, thin woman of about thirty, wearing a long black wig and dressed in a black jacket, a white blouse, and a flowing, black skirt. And then there were the huge sunglasses that failed to camouflage the woman’s bulging eyes. And the WIB smelled of dirt – something I have heard before. Gloria felt deeply uncomfortable as, upon opening the door, the Woman in Black proceeded to warn her not to talk about the UFO she had encountered the previous day, due to the claim that “the government is concerned.” Concerned about what was never explained.

Clearly, the WIB was not from the government. Or, from any government. According to Gloria, the woman didn’t even look human. “Skeletal” would have been a far better description. After asking what the time was, the WIB turned, walked down Gloria’s driveway and vanished. Never to be seen again. It was a familiar scenario – one which I knew only too well. I still do. Gloria thanked me for offering some thoughts and advice on the affair – such as try and put it all behind you, as these things thrive on our fears – and gave me a plentiful supply of that delicious lemon cake to take back with me. We still keep in touch. I’m pleased to say that her WIB has not returned. So far. It’s time now for another example.

Denise Stoner is a woman with a notable background: she is the Director of the Florida Research Group affiliation of UFORCOP, a Mutual UFO Network National Abduction Research Team (ART) member, a Florida MUFON Field Investigator, a Star Team Member, and a former Florida MUFON,  State Section Director,  and Chief Investigator. She co-authored and published her first book The Alien Abduction Files, which was released in May of 2013. And, as you might surmise, she has had run-ins with the Women in Black – and with the MIB, too. Denise Stoner is the Director of the Florida Research Group affiliation of UFORCOP, a MUFON National Abduction Research Team (ART) member, a Florida MUFON Field Investigator, a Star Team Member, and a former Florida MUFON,  State Section Director,  and Chief Investigator. She co-authored and published her first book The Alien Abduction Files, released in May of 2013.  Denise told me:

“I would be glad to describe the situation to you as it has remained clear as crystal in my mind.  As for my Mom, she knows something happened but it has gotten foggy and she doesn’t know why, yet she recalls something happened that made her feel very uncomfortable. My Mom and I had gone to the mall one Christmas Eve for a couple of last minute stocking stuffer type gifts.  We actually knew what we wanted so parked outside on the side where those goods were. We went in and immediately noticed that in late afternoon, there were only a few shoppers. We picked out our gifts and got in line at the cashier in back of two other people. We could easily see the exit door and the sun in the parking lot, we were facing that way. The glass doors opened and two very tall, thin women entered. They had long almost waist length blond hair parted in the middle on top and it was thin in texture. Their skin was also pale and I did not notice any make up but each had huge piercing blue eyes. Their gait was odd like they were too tall (approximately 6’1) to walk smoothly. I was already an investigator for MUFON so was aware of oddities in people and had done background searches for the Federal Govt. so was trained to be observant.”

(Nick Redfern)

Denise added: “They were pushing one of those umbrella style strollers with no fancy attachments – just the hammock type bed, wheels, and handles. I noticed they had no purses or accessories such as a diaper bag to carry diapers or bottles, etc. The women moved slowly it seemed and drew my attention to the stroller. There was a baby blanket in the bottom portion and on top the head of a baby no bigger than a small grapefruit, pasty colored skin, no noticeable nose, a line for a mouth and huge dark eyes taking up most of the rest of this head. I wondered if the baby was deformed but knew this was not the case somehow. The baby appeared alert and was staring up at me. My Mom bumped me with her arm to get my attention and said “what is wrong with that baby.”

Also from Denise are these words: “I felt I needed to tell the person in front of me because we had been talking (with her) about being slow in finishing up our shopping. When I tapped her on the shoulder I then was shocked to see not only her but the lady in front of her and the cashier were kind of frozen in place. Everything seemed to be moving in extremely slow motion around us. The blond women seemed to pass the thought to me that I needed to take another good look at the baby and study it. Then as if a film was put back in to normal speed they walked past me and the cash register began to work, people – the only three in the area were moving again as if nothing happened. They were suddenly gone. Now, let’s end with a very strange character. Very. The not-quite-human “creature” was wearing something similar to lipstick.

Now, it’s time to take a leap into the past and take a look at a strange affair that went down on the night of Saturday, September 11, 1976. That was the decidedly ill-fated evening upon which the Orchard Beach, Maine, home of a certain Dr. Herbert Hopkins was darkened by a nightmarish Man in Black. Vampire-like scarcely begins to describe the terrible thing that descended on Hopkins’ home on that fraught night. When Hopkins opened the front-door, he was confronted by nothing less than a pale-faced, skinny, bald ghoul. Hopkins said that the creature – it certainly wasn’t human – was dressed in black, had dark and hostility-filled eyes, and sported the typical Fedora hat – that so many of the MIB seem to need to wear. The MIB warned Hopkins that should he – Hopkins – say anything more about a certain alien abduction case he was then presently looking into, his life would be snuffed out in seconds. Could there really be human-like entities lurking in our world, looking somewhat like us, but not quite enough? It’s a very creepy thought thought, for sure.

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