UFO Researcher Claims Roswell Aliens May Have Lived in Our Oceans Since Before the First Humans

One of the more interesting facets of the recent revelations of UFO encounters between US military pilots and UFOs – starting with the 2004 USS Nimitz incidents – are the reports of transmedium crafts that fly at impossible speeds and then enter and exit the water seamlessly, without effort, damage or loss of capabilities. Could this be an indication of underwater alien bases? In late 2021, an unusual story was unearthed about an alleged visit by Albert Einstein to Area 51 to allegedly view extraterrestrial spacecrafts and aliens – alive or dead. The story was told by a student assistant of Einstein who accompanied the renowned genius on his inspections. Now, a new documentary reveals that the student assistant claimed to have interviewed at least one of the aliens … and was told the ETs live under the ocean. Is it true? Could these be the same aliens flying the transmedium crafts seen by military pilots? Let’s see if this latest dot is legitimate and should be connected to any of the others in this truly unusual picture.

“If what Shirley said is right, and as she tells it is accurate, it is more likely that aliens come from somewhere under the sea or caves or something like that, rather than another planet.”

Do they look like this?

In an interview with The Daily Star, Anna Whitty, the author of “UFO’s: A Fundamental Truth,” reveals she has been researching Dr. Shirley Wright, the student assistant of Albert Einstein (they met while she was a student at Yale University) who passed away in 2015. In 2021, longtime UFO researcher Anthony ‘Tony’ Bragalia reviewed an audio recording of an interview by MUFON researcher Sheila Franklin (who was given the assignment by noted UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield) of “Edith Simpson” – a pseudonym Stringfield had given Wright in another research article to protect her identity. Unfortunately, only the first half of the interview survived, but in the first half Wright describes attending a conference in Chicago with Einstein, being invited to fly to an undisclosed location which turned out to be Area 51, seeing what they believed was an extraterrestrial craft, and then viewing what were allegedly five alike five-foot-tall corpses “dressed in tight-fitting suits” which she heard “had no navels or genitalia.” Finally, Wright said they were taken to another isolated building where she claims they saw one being that was still alive but in pain, and she later heard the creature had survived.

“I was just told to keep my mouth shut.”

Well, it’s obvious that Shirly Wright didn’t keep her mouth shut, and Anna Whitty has apparently either found another interview or dug deeper into the one recorded by Sheila Franklin – her exclusive interview with The Daily Star does not say where Whitty received her information on what Wright saw at Area 51. It is possible that was revealed in the two hour documentary, “Roswell 75: The Final Evidence,” on the BLAZE network. However, Whitty shared a blockbuster piece of information with the Daily Star:

“She made the claim based of the testimony given by Dr Shirley Wright, a former colleague of Albert Einstein, who said that she had interviewed the aliens found at the site of the Roswell crash in 1947.”

That’s right – according to Whitty, Shirley Wright not only accompanied Albert Einstein to Area 51 to view the corpses of dead aliens and another which was injured but living, but Wright apparently was able to interview the being – and possibly more than one, since the Daily Star quotes her as saying “aliens” — who somehow knew English or communicated in some other manner. The blockbuster reveals of Wright keep on coming, as Whitty says she claimed that the aliens asked “how far into the ocean” humans had explored.

“If what Shirley said is right, and as she tells it is accurate, it is more likely that aliens come from somewhere under the sea or caves or something like that, rather than another planet.”

Or do they look like this?

At this point, the UFO book author side of Anna Whitty takes over as she speculates what the comments of Shirley Wright about the aliens coming from under the oceans might mean. Her interpretation is that these “aliens” are actually Earth beings who moved underwater at some point in Earth’s history – a move which protected them from what Whitty says happens to the rest of us every few thousand years.

“It makes sense, because there’s a lot of evidence on the planet that there has been a massive cataclysm every few thousand years.”

That might make sense if Whitty is referring to climate change events like ice ages or warmings. However, she then defines “cataclysm” as “humans on the surface are being reset to the Stone Age every several thousands of years.” That doesn’t match up with known human history, although it could certainly have been possible over a few ‘million’ years. Whitty thinks these ancient Earth beings escaped this “reset” and the result is that they are far ahead of us in technology … and perhaps even in body and mind capabilities.

“It’s also possible that maybe they aren’t beings at all, but they can make you think you’re seeing what you’re not seeing.”

That is an interesting conclusion and one that would be difficult to prove, especially since Wright, Einstein and the major participants and witnesses from that alleged visit to Area 51 are deceased. Or are they? Could one or more of the alleged aliens still be alive? Did this interview conducted by Shirley Wright give any more clues to where they are hiding in the ocean? Are they in any way connected to the transmedium UAPs?

“The pattern appears to be that it wants to affect some kind of behavioral change . . .not for any contact with it to be about what it is. If we know what it is, we can only think about ourselves and what we are. It wants us to think about what we are, not what it is – maybe they want to just help along our development, because they’ve already got a really good understanding of the universe and how everything works.”

Here’s a hint … Anna Whitty’s conclusion sounds like the usual apocalyptic doomsayer warning that we really need to clean up our act because these underwater beings, which might be aliens or perhaps even be us on a different evolutionary path, want us to. It is a sad commentary that we need aliens – real or imagined – to tell us what we should already know.

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