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Time travel enchants the imagination of many people. We know a lot of films on this topic, from “Terminator” to “Back to the Future”. There are even those who think that time travelers live and are now among us. To date, we have no evidence that time travelers really exist. The only time travelers are those whom we see on the movie screens. However, we have many theories about the way people can travel in time and why it is possible. Here is 10  Time Travel Possible Proof.

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10.  Einstein’s General theory of relativity

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof/ Flickr
Possible Time Travel Possible Proof

The first theory in this list is Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which helped physicists theoretically substantiate the possibility of such travels. The general theory of relativity gives an idea of the way objects create distortion on the space-time continuum in space, which we know as gravity. Gravitation itself does not lead to time travel, but it creates phenomena (both proven and theoretical) that make time travel possible.

Physicists used this theory to come up with and explain “wormholes” and “black holes”. Next, we will discuss both of these phenomena. Both these theories speak of “holes” in space and time, with the help of which one can travel.

9. Wormhole

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Possible Time Travel Possible Proof/ Pixabay

The second theory which we will consider here fuels a lot of hopes, but it does not have any real evidence. In space, no “wormhole” was found, but scientists still believe that they can be there. Physicists assume their existence, based on Einstein’s theory of relativity, and if they really exist, then they can prove to be a way of time traveling.

It is assumed that “wormholes” are “tunnels” that can bind individual regions of the universe. This could mean that if someone entered the wormhole, he might end up in another part of the universe or in another time. Besides existence itself, this theory has one more problem: if they existed, they would be so small that a person could not penetrate them. Although there is no real evidence of the existence of “wormholes”, when it comes to time travel, this theory is one of the leading.

8. Black holes

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Possible Time Travel Possible Proof/ Pixabay

Black holes” are areas in the universe with such strong gravity that they absorb light. Their appearance is caused by the birth of a new star or a collision of stars. Physicists believe that everything that falls into the “black hole” will never disappear. Their force of attraction is so great that even the time in them slows down. To travel in time, you need to learn to approach the “black hole” so that it does not tighten you.

Because of the strong gravity, the time course on the spacecraft will be significantly different from the course of time on Earth. It will slow down considerably. That is, when you return to Earth, you will be much younger than your former peers. It is clear that no one has tried to verify this yet, but it is possible that this will happen in the future.

7. Cosmic strings

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Space strings/Possible Time Travel Possible Proof/ Pixabay

Space strings are narrow tubes of energy that permeate the universe. It is believed that they appeared right after the Big Bang and have a huge mass. Thus, they can change the space-time around themselves. Scientists also believe that these strings should either lock themselves in loops or exist as straight infinite lines. If these strings do exist, then there is a possibility that they can facilitate movement in time.

Scientists suppose that if two cosmic strings passed parallel and were located close enough to each other, they could bend space and time. This curvature would make time travel possible. The principle of operation here is about the same as in the case of “black holes”.

6. Time Machine

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Fantasy Travel Time Futuristic Portal Time Machine/ Max Pixel

We have already seen time machines in countless films, and probably you have imagined the moment when you go into such a car, you would be in the past or the future. While there are no such machines, the theory of their construction is always attractive.

Scientists believe that to create such a machine, they need a matter with the negative energy density (the so-called “exotic matter“). This property can lead to many consequences, including the movement in time. The problem is that if even this kind of matter could be obtained, it would be not enough to create a time machine.

5. Travel at a speed faster than the speed of light

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Possible Time Travel Possible Proof/Flickr

In some respects, this can be called the “Superman Theory“. In the movie “Superman” (1978), the main character returns to the past, flying so fast that the Earth begins to rotate in the opposite direction. Of course, this is ridiculous, so later it was explained that in fact, Superman returned to the past because he exceeded the speed of light. Why is it possible? The speed of light is considered to be the final speed, it does not happen faster. If someone exceeds the speed of light, he will arrive at the destination sooner than he left the point of departure. Thus, it turns out that this person will make a journey in time.

The huge drawback of this theory is that the speed of light can not be exceeded. In addition, scientists studying this concept have found that it is necessary to observe many more factors, just the excess of the speed of light will not be enough.

4. Tyler cylinder

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Possible Time Travel Possible Proof/Wikipedia

It is almost impossible to test this theory, but it is a very interesting idea of how much mass we need for traveling through time. According to this theory, we need to find a piece of matter which mass will be ten times larger than the mass of the Sun. Then from it, we need to create a very tight, long and thin cylinder. In our universe, there are many objects which mass exceeds the mass of the Sun, but it is difficult to imagine how to make a similar cylinder of them.

In addition, this cylinder should rotate at a speed of several billion rpm. If we managed to meet all these factors, then the spacecraft, following a spiral around the cylinder, could enter into a closed time curve. This would allow the spaceship to travel in time.

3. Tesseract

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Possible Time Travel Possible Proof/http://www.denofgeek.com

The film “Interstellar” shows a journey through time in many different ways. Characters of the film travel with the help of “wormholes” and revolve around the “black hole”. In addition, the film shows how you can travel through time with the help of a tesseract – a multidimensional cube. Tesseracts can be projected into two- and three-dimensional forms.

For a journey through time, the tesseract must have more than three dimensions. When the spacecraft enters the tesseract, time begins to be represented as one of the dimensions of space. It allows the ship to reach various points of this space, which is shown in “Interstellar”. This theory is not based on anything, but we will never know what the future is preparing for us.

2. “Paradox of the Murdered Grandfather”

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Silhouette Time Traveler Perspective Person Spiral/ Max Pixel

This theory deals not so much with the time travel itself, but with what it can lead to. If someone could go to the past, it could do great harm to his future. For example, take the “Paradox of the Murdered Grandfather“. Suppose you invent and create the time travel machine. Then you return to the past and meet your own grandfather before he has children. Then for some reason, you kill him. Now you will never be born again, and no one will create the time travel machine that had brought you to the past.

In many TV shows and movies, we’ve seen villains returned to the past to try to kill someone before they could do good in the future. An example of such a plot is the film “Terminator”. So, no matter how fascinating we seem to travel in time, it could have many consequences for our present.

1. Travelers in time are already among us?

Possible Time Travel Possible Proof
Possible Time Travel Possible Proof

There are many theories about people who can be travelers in time. There are many strange stories that convince some people that someone has already mastered this art and that these travelers live among us. One of the most famous examples was the episode in the film Charlie Chaplin from “The Circus“. People say that we see a passerby talking on a mobile phone. This film was released in 1928, long before the advent of mobile phones. The film is black and white, and the image is a little blurry, but it’s easy to guess why people think that this is really a mobile phone.

Another of the recent theories is that the creator of the series “The Simpsons” is also a traveler in time. There were many episodes in which the future was accurately predicted. “The Simpsons” successfully predicted such events as Donald Trump’s presidency and the year in which the “Chicago Cubs” won the World Series. Such forecasts have caused some viewers to suspect that it all was not accidental.

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