Being captured A͙l͙i͙e͙n͙ communicates with a KGB agent via telepathy and asks for help

This video was made by a former KGB agent. This is the video that was recorded by an agent assigned to record an investigation.

He went to an underground base and found many locked doors. He heard strange sounds coming from unknown creatures.

He managed to get into the room the alien was trapped in.

His friends and family gave him protective gear and assured him he was safe.

When he reached the alien, he could hear the alien’s voice in his thoughts imploring him to call his superior and remove him – the alien – from the prison where he was being held.

Do you remember the Project Blue Book Extraterrestrial Interview? Base staff supposedly instilled fear in the captured alien, which is probably why he was scared. Imagine what he felt on the other planet.

These beings could be us from the future. We must treat them with respect, given their reverse-engineered technology.

The accompanying video of this is available below. You will be able to see the alien at 8:30 pm.


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