Stanford Top Scientist Said Intelligence Community Thinks Greys Are Intermediaries: Bio-Robots

Dr. Gary Nolan, a professor at Stanford University, is vocal on the topic of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP). He has gained notoriety for his research on the brains of individuals who claim to have had contact with UFOs. In his past interviews, he shared new insights into the phenomenon that suggest that the reality of UFOs is more complex than simply being flying alien crafts.

This article will majorly focus on Dr. Nolan’s statements, in which he put his career at risk and discussed things about UFOs and extraterrestrial life that is not welcomed in the scientific community. In his interviews, Dr. Nolan has been unhesitatingly speaking about the non-human entities surrounding the UAPs and the reality where we live.

Since 2016, Dr. Garry Nolan has been in possession of and analyzing materials given to him by some of the top “Ufologists” like astronomer Jacque Vallee. He was also consulted by the CIA in studying the brain structures of people who reportedly had UFO encounters.

The CIA introduced Nolan to what he calls the “Invisible College,” which included several Department of Defense and intelligence people who claimed to have had interactions with UFOs. Through the study of the MRIs of these individuals, Nolan found that there was an increased neural density in an area of the brain located between the head of the caudate and putamen. This increase was present not only in the individuals who had interacted with the UFOs, but also in their family members, which suggested that the structure had a genetic component.

Dr. Nolan on reality

During an interview with Jesse Michels, Dr. Nolan shed light on the different aspects of UFOs, aliens, reality, and how the human mind perceives it. He explains that the reason why some people are able to see UFOs and others are not, is because our senses act as filters to prevent our brains from being overwhelmed with reality.

According to him, our perception of reality is limited and reductive. He also explores the possibility that the increase in neural density in the area of the brain could act as an antenna, allowing people to interpret reality better and make more intuitive decisions.

Dr. Nolan discusses the possibility that if aliens even exist, they might not understand human communication and might be trying to communicate with us in their own way. He also speculates that they might be from another planet, underground, interdimensional, or from another level of reality that we do not understand.

The Fermi Paradox is brought up in the conversation, which is the apparent contradiction between the high probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for or contact with them. Dr. Nolan’s perspective is that as our mind expands to consider different realities, we begin to understand the vastness of the universe in which we live. “When your mind expands to a certain point, in terms of what you might consider reality to be, other entities live there,” he said.

This statement from Tom Delonge might add some value to Dr. Nolan’s point of view: “It’s looking like when you take ayahuasca or a lot of psilocybin, or one of those things, you basically just turned your radio receiver into hi-fi. Now it’s not AM radio anymore, it’s like, ‘oh shit, this is a satellite connection.’ Then all of a sudden it’s like, boom, now you’re able to see more frequencies than your eyes would normally. You don’t need your eyes, it’s your brain, because you’re already in the field. You’re in the ocean. You don’t need your eyes to do it, you just need your body. (Source)

It’s one giant antenna. Your ribcage, your arms, your brain, the whole thing’s an antenna. So this hypes up your antenna. Then all of a sudden, what do you see? You see a bunch of creatures that are very old, very powerful, that are more synthetic. That are AI. That don’t have the feeling, the emotions, they don’t have the love, the capability of love. They don’t have the capability as a soul that understands what love is, and love is what created the universe. But let’s just take that word ‘love’ out and just say ‘unified mind.’”

Dr. Garry Nolan on Greys

Moving forward to Dr. Nolan’s recent interview with The Debrief, he shared his personal alien-UFO encounter at an early age. He recounts three separate instances of unexplained encounters he experienced during his life. It includes seeing multiple small figures (Grey-looking) in a room and faces in the window at his childhood home, a silent object with bright lights hovering over trees during his paperboy route, and recognizing a face from a UFO encounter while browsing books in a used bookstore. He was initially scared in the first instance and felt an eerie connection with the third experience. (Click here to read the full article)

Regarding Grey entities, Dr. Nolan said in an interview with Tucker Carlson that they are perhaps intermediaries but not actually living creatures from another planet. He gained information from the inside intelligent community that “most of what we think we’re seeing are avatars, biological robots that are basically put there to be the minions, if you will.”

He further stated: “It is a hypothesis to me. If I were going to another place, or if I were going to study a native tribe of, let’s say, cannibals, maybe I wouldn’t show up in the middle of their village so that I don’t inadvertently become dinner.

Right, so you would send an intermediary first. But I’ve used this example […] of the ants as well, let’s say that there were a race of intelligent ants at the bottom of your garden. How do you tell them about Instagram? Right, how do you talk with them? How do you interact with them? You would probably make something that looked almost like an ant, and you’d put it down there.

But then how are you going to interact with them? Well, with pheromones, that’s how they talk. But you do something else. Right, you’re speaking about whatever it is you talk about at the dinner table. But to translate down to their terms, you would have to use some sort of an intermediary.”

The example of humans using intermediaries to communicate with ants that Dr. Nolan mentions is a common one among planetary species. In abduction cases, there are reports of a “praying mantis” like being leading the hierarchy, who just observes procedures from a distance without communicating with humans.

Dr. John E. Mack wrote in The UFO Abduction Phenomenon: “Many abductees, for example, will report that space-time as we know it collapses during their experiences. If you ask them, for example, ‘Well, where did this happen?’ they may reply, ‘Well, it’s really not in time and space as we know it.’ Those of us who are trained in the Western world view have no way to deal with that, and even most physicists have no place for such ideas. The abductees speak of ‘other dimensions’ from which they sense that the beings come, or they say they are taken to another dimension.

Abductees may experience the aliens as intermediaries, beings that are closer to some kind of spiritual source, world soul or anima mundi. A word they commonly use is ‘Home.’ They feel through their abductions they are connected with their true Home or spiritual origins. When they first feel the connection with this ‘Home’ during a regression the experiencers will often break into tears.”

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