The US Air Force investigated the case of an alien who baked pancakes

In 1961, a bizarre incident occurred in Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA. A local resident named Joe Simonton claimed that he met an alien who gave him four pancakes.

The US Air Force took this story seriously and even sent the pancakes away for analysis. What did they discover?

The encounter with the foreigner
According to Simonton, on April 18, 1961, he heard a strange noise outside his house. He went outside and saw a silver disc-shaped object about 10 meters in diameter and 2.5 meters in height. It had exhaust pipes around its perimeter and was supported on three legs.

Simonton approached the object and saw three beings inside it. They looked human but had dark skin and wore black suits with helmets. One of them gestured for Simonton to give him some water. Simonton complied and brought a pitcher of water from his house.

While delivering the water, Simonton noticed that one of the aliens was cooking something on a flameless stove. He saw four thin, brown disks that looked like pancakes. He asked for one of them and the alien gave it to him.

Simonton said the aliens didn’t speak any language he could understand, but they seemed friendly and polite. He estimated that they were around 1.5 meters tall and weighed around 60 kilograms.

After receiving the water, the aliens took off in their ship, leaving Simonton with four souvenir pancakes.

Joe Simonton segurando uma panqueca alienígena. Do Vilas County News-Review, 27 de abril de 1961.

A investigação da Força Aérea

Simonton relatou seu encontro ao xerife local, que contatou a Força Aérea dos Estados Unidos. A Força Aérea estava interessada em avistamentos de OVNIs naquela época como parte do Projeto Blue Book, um estudo sistemático de objetos voadores não identificados.

Dois oficiais do Projeto Blue Book visitaram Simonton e o entrevistaram. Eles o consideraram sincero e confiável, mas estavam céticos sobre sua história. Eles levaram uma das panquecas para análise em um laboratório.

O relatório do laboratório afirmava que a panqueca era feita de farinha comum, açúcar e gordura. Não tinha vestígios de qualquer material extraterrestre ou radiação. Era semelhante às panquecas de trigo sarraceno feitas por humanos.

A Força Aérea concluiu que a história de Simonton era uma farsa ou uma alucinação. Eles encerraram o caso como “não identificado”, o que significa que não conseguiram explicá-lo satisfatoriamente.


J Allen Hynek’s official report on the bizarre incident
The consequences of the incident
Simonton stuck to his story until his death in 1985. He said he never regretted meeting the aliens or eating their pancakes. He said he was honored by the visit and wished they would come back.

He also said he didn’t care what other people thought of him or his story. He said he knew what he saw and experienced, and that was enough for him.

The incident became famous in UFO circles as one of the most bizarre cases ever reported. Some ufologists have suggested that Simonton may have encountered interdimensional travelers or time travelers rather than aliens.

Others speculated that the aliens could be testing human reactions or conducting some kind of food experiment.

The remaining three pancakes are still preserved by Simonton’s relatives as mementos of their encounter.

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