A fleet of alien UFOs was seen and recorded over Singapore

On the city of Singapore, a series of lights that can’t be explained, or better yet, a fleet of UFOs, have been caught on camera.

The witness said that the sighting happened in the western part of Singapore, near the Tengeh natural reserve, but didn’t say much else. He said it might have been fireworks, but they didn’t go off. Instead, they just floated in the air. Since the international airport is east of the city, there is no way to get there by plane.

When we look at the video, we can see 5 or 6 bright things moving in a straight line. Suddenly, they start to fade away, and at the same time, other small bright things appear. When people first saw the bright objects, they thought they were Chinese lanterns.

But, as you can see in the video, the light spheres act like other UFOs that have been seen all over the world. There are no Chinese lanterns flying in this direction. On the other hand, a Chinese lantern doesn’t turn on and off as strongly. Instead, it burns out and falls over. In the video, we can see a new light rise above the other ones. We think it’s a real UFO fleet because it’s very strange.

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