We are not the first on Mars: The rover captured a UFO that was watching him

Scott Waring, a renowned ufologist, is certain that alien observers are keeping an eye on the Martian rover.

He shared a NASA image that depicts an enigmatic object circling above the surface of the Red Planet in support of his theory.

After carefully examining the image, the researcher originally concluded that the Ingenuity helicopter in the background was the rover’s collaborator in the quest for life on Mars. But when he focused, he saw that it was something else.

The ufologist asserted that it actually was a UFO, identical to ones frequently seen by eyewitnesses all around the world. Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut, is said to have seen a UFO of a similar form glide by him in space.

This photograph, in Scott Waring’s opinion, shows that extraterrestrial civilizations are paying careful attention to what the Martian rovers are doing.

It’s likely that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations started to express worry since the gadget got too near to completing the mission’s objective.

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