Pilot Who Reported UFO Sighting: ‘It Didn’t Look Anything Like an Airplane’


In February, two pilots flying separate planes encountered the same seemingly extraterrestrial phenomenon in the sky over Arizona. The pilot of the first aircraft, a Learjet, radioed in a mysterious sighting after noticing something eery and totally foreign passing over his plane, traveling in the opposite direction. Then, air traffic controllers asked a nearby American Airlines flight to look out for anything untoward.

The AA flight saw the same thing, a startling indication that intelligent life may have invaded Earth’s fragile airspace and was befuddling commercial airline pilots. Now, the pilot of American Flight 1095, Blenus Green, is talking about his run-in with alleged aliens. Green was interviewed by a local Texas TV station about the event, which until recently, was an experience only known by history’s greatest alien slayers, such as Jeff Goldblum.

Initially, Green says he was skeptical. He was told by the FAA’s Albuquerque Center to lookout for something weird, which would be a little off-putting to any pilot.

“Albuquerque Center asked us if we could look and just be on the lookout and see if we see anything, and I’m like ‘okay’. So, sure enough, I was looking out the windscreen because I wanted to see if it was there and yeah, I did. I saw it,” Green said.

He then described what can only be described as a great, big airborne mystery:

“It was very bright but it wasn’t so bright that you couldn’t look at it,” he said. “You know, you almost wanted to look at it to try to figure out what it was. It didn’t look anything like an airplane. You know, most airplanes, you’re going to see some kind of wing surface, some type of a tail, really no matter what type of airplane it is.”

Both pilots’ reactions to the supposed UFO were captured in an audio recording released by the Albuquerque Control Center:

Initial speculation centered around the sight being a regular, earthly phenomenon, such as one of Google’s Wi-Fi balloons. The pilots are pretty sure that wasn’t the case, though. Fueling the flying saucer speculation — aside from the internet being a hotbed of conspiracy theorists promoting whatever misinformation they like, free of consequence — is the fact that the FAA has remained mum on the whole thing.

Green’s interview doesn’t help either, given that he’s still totally confused about what he saw that day:

“What was weird about it, normally, if you have an object and the sun is shining this way, the reflection would be on this side, but this was bright all the way around. It was so bright that you really couldn’t make out what shape it was.”

He adds that he wasn’t scared, which means that you probably shouldn’t be either. And given that aliens are likely a whole lot smarter than us, they probably come in peace — especially since they haven’t destroyed humanity yet.

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